Your idea
You have a startup project idea. You’ve completed your customer development, verified problem existence and your proposed solution. It’s time for execution and exploration of the real market.
Our team
MEYVN digital is a startup technology advisor, where the team aims to accelerate your ideas to the market sooner by developing and launching your minimal viable product first, and then adjusting your product depending on your live user generated feedback.
Development backlog
Tell us about your market entry strategy and product positioning. Based on this data and our reasearch, together we define and prioritise a set of initial product features to be developed in the first iteration - most commonly referred as development backlog.
Development backlog has a defined scope of work, timeframe and cost. Taking into consideration any time and cost constraints on your side - we revise the scope of work and adjust it to meet your constraints.
Iterative development
MEYVN digital works using agile methodology, which is designed to continually take new learnings from your side and user input, if any, that allows to iterate development rapidly and get the product most accurate to the user needs.
Product owner
You are the product and the code owner from the start. We set up your own development environment and integrate you in our remote development tracking systems, so you can control your project easily.
Iteration delivery
Once the first iteration is delivered you have a functioning minimal viable product, which allows you to engage with live audience, generate user feedback and test the real market.
Building your team
When you decide to build your own in-house development team - MEYVN digital will help you, We will outline the required stack of technologies for the job description, assist you in the interviews and perform quality code-testing of the candidate.
User feedback
At MEYVN digital we believe in agile - launch early, generate user feedback sooner and adjust the product rapidly. This is why we encourage you to get to the market sooner with a functioning minimal viable product as live user feedback is the most valuable data for a startup. Using this data we design extra functionality and prioritise subsequent development backlogs - iterate again and get closer to a high fidelity product.
We accelerate your ideas
to the market
MEYVN digital
helps startups to validate,
prioritise, design and
build their product.
Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or working on a new project for a company - at MEYVN digital we are all about new ventures, where we will build the right minimal viable product with you, so you can test it with your live audience sooner.
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