Spread the cost of your short course over time

Helping to find suitable loans from trusted lenders, in minutes. Increasing accessibility to new forms of learning, to accelerate your career.

Coursebud is an FCA approved startup which allows users to navigate through personal development courses contributing to the growth of the modern day career and select lending options from a range of lenders with most convenient conditions.

We are working with Coursebud from the company inception by helping them to define, design and develop the minimal viable scope of features to validate the education lending market. Meyvn is responsible for development (Node.js, GraphQL, Heroku, AWS, PostgreSQL, Redis), design and regulatory requirements integration.

Today we are continuing to help Coursebud to validate the market based on metrics and pivot features where required.

  • Pre-Seed
    A pre-seed startup founded in 2018
  • FCA
    Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
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